Exchange on Tourism Accessibility and Destination Management - ISTO Meeting with the City of Barcelona

On the sidelines of the OITS Board Meeting held in Barcelona on 26-27 March, the President, Director and Director for Europe of the OITS met with the Councilor responsible for Tourism at the Municipality of Barcelona, ¿¿Agusti Colom Cabau, to discuss issues of accessibility to tourism and destination management. The city of Barcelona, ¿¿which has gone from a promotion strategy to a tourism management strategy, has set up in the last two years a Participation Council which brings together resident associations, trade union organizations, representatives of the economic sector as well as tourism experts so that each party represented can recognize the impacts of this or that measure and thus ensure a better balance between the positive and negative impacts of tourism and especially a better distribution of tourism benefits to all layers of tourism. the society. Mr. Cabau participated as a speaker at the "Sustainable & Social Tourism Summit" held in Cancun (Mexico) from March 14 to 17, of which OITS Americas is a partner.

Charles Etienne Bélanger (ISTO); Agustí Colom Cabau, Business and Tourism Advisor, City of Barcelona;  Rosa Bada Jaime, Tourism and City Advisor, Tourism Directorate, City of Barcelona; Jean Marc Mignon (ISTO); Luc Gobin (ISTO)

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