The ISTO Commission «Responsable and Fair Tourism» came together in Paris

The ISTO Commission for Fair and Responsible Tourism came together in Paris at the FIAP Jean Monnet on February 8th. Points on the agenda were: an update on the implementation of the priority actions for 2018 (which include the preparation of a discussion paper on the issue of 'Overtourism'), the production of a collection of best practice examples on responsible tourism around the world and the opening to responsible tourism actors in the Anglo-Saxon and Germanic world where there are very large networks. There was also discussion on setting up a working group on international cooperation in order to respond to calls for projects being prepared at EU level and the upcoming International Forum on Solidarity Tourism (FITS), which will be held from 22 to 24 October 2018 in Ouarzazate in Morocco on the theme of "oasis tourism, vector of sustainable development and awareness of climate change".

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