Conference: Connecting Europe through Innovation (Bucharest, Romania)

European tourism is undergoing significant structural changes brought by the rapid digitalisation of all facets of the economy. New technological developments are here to help, but are we ready to embrace what technology can offer or what it challenges? And what is the best way to respond to the needs of travellers and businesses in the digital era? The bottom line is having a competitive and smartly connected Europe for everyone, which has no borders and encourages the modern tourist to enjoy travelling.

Local authorities, SMEs, stakeholders and European institutions are therefore coming together to explore the emerging innovative prospects at the intersection of tourism, transport and technology, but also to reflect on the arising challenges. In a high level set-up, the main topics will include cross-border infrastructure networks, smart mobility marketplace, multimodality and integrated services & products, modernization of hospitality sector or innovative public-private mobility initiatives. The final aim is to generate a discussion on what needs to be done for the European tourism SMEs in the digital era so that Europe remains competitive and attractive on the global arena.

  • Parlamento Europeo