Secretaría de Turismo y Cultura del Estado de Veracruz

In 2014, they are organizing the 13th "Meeting of the National Network of Tourism for All" in Mexico, from 3-5 September. ISTO Americas will contribute to the preparation of the program. This event is the largest in the country for different stakeholders in more than 32 Mexican states. The State of Veracruz also offers ecotourism to for an unique experience and they try to maintain their cultural history, together with UNESCO sites.

57 Rio Tesechoacan, Fracc. Cuauhtémoc 91069 Xalapa, Veracruz

Phone: (52) 228 812 7585

Creation date: 2006

Member since: 2014

Organization type:  Regional or Local Authorithy

Segment:  Youth , Seniors , Disabled , Families

Affiliated to:  Network